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Quality & Benefits


Galvanized Wire

By accessing world-class technologies and superior raw materials, Barzelan offers a high level manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly, safe and cost-efficient. Through the use of advanced technology, Barzelan succeeds in overcoming the difficult task of ensuring uniform tolerance of all coils and attains precise diameter and coating specifications. At the end of its manufacturing process, Barzelan straps and wraps the coils in clear plastic and labels each product.



Strict Quality Control Procedures
Barzelan’s state-of-the-art production facility meets the most discerning international requirements. Abiding by TQM principles, Barzelan makes sure that every production stage undergoes strict Quality Control procedures. Outfitted with a modern, sophisticated
laboratory, Barzelan ensures that all materials and coatings involved in the drawing and galvanizing processes are tested and evaluated according to BS, DIN and ASTM standards and the European EN standard. 
Wired Up To Offer These Benefits:  

  • State-of-the-art facilities  
  • Skilled staff  
  • Expertise in production, testing and metallurgy 
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process 
  • Top quality wires with tight tolerances 
  • Consistent supply 
  • Personalized attention 
  • Tailor-made orders 
  • On-time delivery
  • Individualized Customer Service

Barzelan builds relationships. A people-to-people company focused on
meeting the needs of each and every one of its clients, Barzelan provides customers with the personalized attention necessary for meeting individual specifications. Clients know that with Barzelan by their side they can depend on top quality products sold at the best possible price and delivered on time.

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