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Drawing Process

Our machinery enables production of high quality drawn wire, with diameter capabilities ranging between 1.80 - 7.40mm, and tensile capabilites ranging between 400 - 1,300N/mm2. Before the wire is drawn it is mechanically cleaned (descaled), and if requested, undergoes shot blasting in order to treat and enhance the surface quality.

The production process enables perfect control of the drawing process, thus avoiding unnecessary wire welding during coiling. The wire is annealed and then put through an electronically automated control process that chemically cleans the wire with acids.  
Galvanizing Process

The galvanizing process in the fluidized bed is fully automated in order to receive uniform coating according to customer's specifications. Coating thickness is electronically controlled according to customer's specifications, with a range running between 40 -500g/m2. Special "Galvseal Coating" seals the zinc coat, preventing white rust – a sign of the onset of corrosion.

 Packing and Dispatch Process


The prepared coils are now ready for the packaging process. Barzelan's advanced, automated packing machinery enables control of coil weight according to the customer's specifications. The coils are weighed, strapped and covered in plastic. During this process the coils are labelled with computerized identification stating customer's details and specifications of the material.


The end wire is marked and the coils are authorized by the quality control department. Coils are professionally packed in containers guaranteeing fast and easy dismantling of the material. Containers are delivered to customer’s premises. Powered by בניית אתרים - אפסייט
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